screen repair

How to Choose the Best Window Screen Repair Company

Updating your windows can seriously increase your home’s resale value. So how can you take advantage of this benefit? Whether you’re trying to sell your property or improve your home’s livability, it’s essential to get your window screen repaired when needed. However, it can be difficult for homeowners to know if they

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window replacement contractor

Top Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

Did you know that the average household in the US spends almost $4,500 each year on utility bills? From drafty windows and cracked glass to foggy windows, there are many reasons people need a window replacement. Buying new windows is a significant investment, and you’ll need to know what questions

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blown windows

Blown Windows: What Are They and What Can You Do?

Windows are a perpetual headache for homeowners, often accounting for 25 to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy consumption. That’s usually a byproduct of older windows offering lower efficiency than modern options. Beyond that, windows suffer from an unfortunate fragility. One carelessly tossed ball and a formerly functional window

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COVID 19 Update

We are open for emergency, essential and curbside service.
If you have a window emergency, work that is essential for safety and operation of your home or business, or would like to drop off a screen to be repaired then we can help you!

Here’s how it works:

– Call 616-275-4752 and tell us what work you need done.
– We will either schedule an appointment to look at your essential/emergency service or schedule a time for curbside service.
– Our team has been and will continue to practice social distancing and hygiene. We will greet you with a mask and a smile with sanitized hands and try to walk you through the process through this unusual time.
– We will continue to communicate with you remotely to the completion of your service.