What Is the Benefit of Having a Double Pane Window?

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Double Pane Window

What Is the Benefit of Having a Double Pane Window?

Michigan is one of the most expensive states to consume power in. $0.1763 per kWh may not seem like much, but it’s 19.5% more than the national average. And energy prices will likely get higher in the future. 

Michigan residents should be doing everything they can to lower their energy bills. Getting even a single double pane window in their homes can help them with this effort. Double pane windows can also benefit Michigan residents in several other ways. 

Read on to learn more. 

What Is a Double Pane Window? 

As you probably know, a window pane is the glass portion of a window. A double pane or double glazed window has two glass sheets or panes in a single frame. In between these panes is a large space. 

Gas Inside the Space 

Sometimes this space has nothing in it but natural air. Other double pane types of windows have gasses like argon, xenon, or krypton in them. Manufacturers pump these gasses inside these windows to better the window’s insulation capabilities. 

High-Efficiency Coating 

Homeowners can also get a high-efficiency coating applied to double pane window glass. This low emissivity can diminish the amount of heat that escapes the home. 

Triple Pane Windows 

If homeowners wish, they can get windows that have three panes of glass on them. This can increase the insulation powers of windows even further. 

Many Types of Windows

Double pane windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can likely get a double or triple pane replacement for any window you have in your home. However, the cost of these windows will likely be more than single pane windows. 

Cost of Double Pane Windows 

The total cost you’ll pay to buy double pane windows and get them installed depends on several factors. You need to consider the size, style, and material that makes up your potential new windows. Different filler gasses can also vary in price. 

You’ll also need to pay the workers to install windows in your home. In some situations, you’ll pay these workers by the hour. In other cases, you’ll pay them per window they install. 

In addition, you need to consider other window additions such as screens, coatings, treatments, etc. 

Double Pane Window Cost

You can pay anywhere from just under two hundred to several thousand dollars for a double pane window replacement. As you probably expect, smaller windows are cheaper than large windows. But it can be extremely difficult to replace a large window with a small window. 

If you want to reduce costs, your best bet is to choose your materials and other additions carefully. Settle for a cheaper tempered glass instead of going for a more expensive frosted glass. Choose cheaper aluminum frames than fiberglass window frames. 

Cost of Installing Windows 

You can pay up to a few hundred dollars per window to window installers. If they charge you per hour, you can expect to pay around fifty dollars per hour. The best way to get a better price is to shop around for a few different price quotes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is seasonality. Some window installation companies will give you discounts during the off-season.

The Benefits of Double Pane Windows 

Still, double pane windows can be worth the cost. Check out the benefits below and consider if double pane windows could be worth the price for you. 

Save on Energy

Most people use HVAC systems to control the temperature of their homes. The problem is that hot and cold air can escape to the outdoors and invade the inside via uninsulated sections. Your walls likely have home insulation, but your single pane windows do not.

So temperature-controlled air can escape and invade via this window pane. Your HVAC will have to work harder to replace the escaped air. It will use more energy to do this and cause your energy bills to rise. 

Double pane windows can have insulation when manufacturers pump a special gas in between the panes. This will prevent hot or cold air from escaping. As a result, your HVAC will use less energy and you’ll lose less money. 

Sound Protection 

Hot and cold air isn’t the only thing double pane windows can keep out. They can also keep out sound. The insulation that double pane windows have can prevent sound from traveling through the window panes. 

Thus, with double pane windows, the interior of your home will become quieter. With less sound, you’ll sleep better and be less distracted. As a result, you’ll have a better mood and be more productive and energetic. 

Improve Home Value 

Are you planning on selling your home anytime soon? If so, you should install double pane windows in your home. Doing so can increase the final sale price of your house. 

Potential home buyers will likely know the benefits that double pane windows can bring them. They will be willing to pay more for your home as a result. 

Look Better 

There isn’t too much difference between the look of a single pane and a double pane window. But there is a noticeable difference between a new window and a rotting old window. 

If your old window’s frame is falling apart and the glass is cracked, get a new one. You might as well make the new window a double pane while you’re at it. 

Our Window Repair and Installation Service 

As you can see, double pane window installation can make your home cozier and cheaper to live in. If this is something you’re interested in, you need to hire a window installer ASAP. That way, you’ll enjoy the double pane window benefits sooner rather than later.  

Do you live in Lansing, Grand Rapids, West Michigan, or Kalamazoo, Michigan? If so, we can help you with your window repair and installation needs. We also repair and install window screens. 

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