How Often Should You Replace Your Windows at Home?

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How Often Should You Replace Your Windows at Home?

In 2021, recent homebuyers spent around $30,000 on average on remodeling. Remodeling can be wise because research found that the average ROI is 56%.

There are so many remodeling projects you can undertake as a homeowner. Some more popular projects include a bathroom remodel, new flooring throughout the house, a kitchen remodel, and a new roof. However, one project that many people need to remember is your home’s windows.

Keep reading if you want to know when and if you should replace your windows. We’re telling you everything about window replacement right here.

When Should You Replace Your Windows?

If you’re a recent homebuyer or a long-time homeowner, the question is whether your home’s windows need replacing. Typically, residential windows have a lifespan of between 15 and 30 years. However, as they age, their integrity starts to decrease.

You can tell this has started happening when the seals no longer do what they’re supposed to. When the seals fail, it allows for air to pass through. This can leave you, for example, using more heat in winter to keep your home warm as the hot air escapes through the dilapidated window.

Furthermore, the further back your windows were installed, the higher the likelihood that their construction may need to be updated. Old, inefficient windows can leave you without proper insulation, so you’ll use more utilities to stay warm again.

Are Older Windows Safe?

Another question you may be wondering is if your old windows are safe. While they may be safe, consider that new windows will come with more updated shatterproof materials that your old windows may not have. By replacing your home’s windows, you can give your home a new lease on life.

7 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Sometimes you may need to replace one or all your windows, so we made a list of seven signs your windows need replacing. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call a professional for an assessment.

1. Drafty, Drafty, Drafty

One of the first signs your windows need replacing is if there is a draft where there wasn’t one before. A new draft can mean that the seals on your windows have perished or aged too much, rendering them ineffective against the elements.

While this doesn’t have to mean an entire window replacement, you want to have this looked at as soon as you notice the drafts because the longer you leave it unattended, the more you may be paying on utilities.

2. Condensation on the Inside of the Windows

Waking in the morning to find condensation on your windows could signify that you need to replace your windows. However, this only applies to condensation inside the windows, not the outside. Windows that get condensation on them on the inside can mean that the seals have failed, allowing the insulating gas to escape.

3. Physically Damaged

The third sign we want to highlight is physical damage. The damage can be to the window’s frame or the glass pane itself. A window with a crack in it can become a safety hazard, especially if you have kids. If your pane is damaged, it can break entirely with little warning.

Furthermore, if the air is leaking in, it can bring more hassles, like mold and mildew. Repairing your windows may be possible if the physical window damage is manageable.

However, damage to the frames may require replacing the entire window. While you can fix the window pane, hiring a professional window replacement company is highly recommended for more extensive window work.

4. Faulty Operation

If any of your windows become difficult or impossible to open and close, it’s a sign that you must assess it. Whether you have it repaired or replaced depends entirely on the severity of the fault. Sometimes it can be a simple latch problem that’s quick to fix yourself, or it can be something a bit more complicated that needs a professional to replace it entirely.

You can usually spot the problem if you notice rotting, rust, or mold forming around the latches and hinges. If your windows are sticking, call a professional to assess the job.

5. Loud Outdoor Noise

Another sign your window needs replacing is loud outdoor noise. If you hear the noise outside your house as loudly as if it were in our house, it may be time to replace your windows. As your window’s insulation fails, more and more noise will pass through the window into your home.

This job will likely require an entire window replacement, so hire a company to quote you on the job.

6. High Utility Bills

Another significant sign your windows need replacing is higher utility bills each month. This can be because when your windows let in cold air, your HVAC system must work overtime to keep your home at an optimal temperature.

When you notice that you’re paying higher monthly bills, you should schedule an assessment to find out where there is window damage. Once you have them replaced, you should see your utility bill return to normal.

7. Faded Furniture

Finally, our last sign of windows needing replacement is if you notice your furniture or carpets are fading in the sun that comes through the windows. If your furniture or rugs are fading, this could mean that your windows no longer have functional UV protection. You should consider replacing them to save your stuff from unnecessarily fading.

Assess Your Windows Today

While your home’s windows are meant to last between 15 and 30 years, it’s wise to assess them at least once every season for wear and tear and damage. Check them regularly for new drafts, cracked windows, condensation, and faulty operation. Finally, if you also notice outdoor sounds have increased in volume, you need to replace your windows.

If you’re in West Michigan looking for screen and window repair, contact us today and see how we can help. Let us help you keep the heat where it belongs – inside!

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