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Yes! All of our replacement windows are typically double-pane. We also offer repair and glass replacement for most existing double-pane windows.

Yes. We both replace and repair window screens.

Yes, but often it’s even more cost-effective to replace it with a brand new frame and screen. We can come to you to measure and install the new screens, or you can drop them off at our shop.

Typically yes! Most aspects of your windows can be repaired including both the glass and operating parts. We can even rebuild deteriorated portions of wood sash windows where needed.

Yes, replacement windows have a built-in sill.

Yes. All of our new windows come with insect screens.

Because the panes are sealed together with a special insulating gas between the panes, the whole insulated gas unit (IGU—a manufactured unit with 2 panes that are freshly sealed) must be replaced. This is still typically much less than the cost of a whole window replacement.

Yes. We build custom screens to fit existing windows and can often match the style of the screens on your other windows.

Yes! All of our products carry a warranty, you can find more information here.


Our installers will not need to remove the trim or will reinstall the current trim in most cases. However, if trim does need to be replaced, it will be included in the quote.

In most cases your new windows will be installed in a single day. There is a turnaround time of a few weeks typically to order and receive the new windows or parts and schedule our installer team. Once installation is scheduled, the work is normally completed in one day, sometimes two days or more for larger projects.

Yes. Technicians often need to work on both the inside and outside of the window being installed. There needs to be clearance and no obstructions inside and outside the immediate window area.

Project Cost

The cost varies based on the type of repair and also the type of window. If your window can be repaired we always offer that option, which can be considerably less than full replacement windows. For the most accurate quote, simply contact us to schedule a free estimate.

There are a number of factors involved, including the style of door/window as well as the style of siding, etc. For the most accurate quote, simply contact us to schedule a free estimate.

The cost of just the glass is usually less expensive (including double pane units) than a full replacement window. In some cases the pricing can be close. We are always happy to quote both options so you can make a confident decision.

Beginning January 1st, 2023 and until the end of 2032, the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit under the Inflation Reduction Act will cover the costs of up to 30% of certain home improvements made throughout the year. The annual limit for the credit is $1,200, with the following additional limits for doors and windows:

  • $250 for a single exterior door, or $500 for all exterior doors
  • $600 for exterior windows & skylight

*Michigan Screen & Window recommends consulting with a tax advisor on how to apply the tax credit to your home improvement projects. This should not be considered tax or legal advice.


Yes! According to the national data collected by Remodeling Online Magazine, replacing a home’s windows and installing vinyl replacement windows raises a home’s resale value by an average of $13,766, and $14,912 for wood replacement windows. 

*Michigan Screen & Window recommends consulting with a real estate professional or appraiser. This should not be considered financial or legal advice.

COVID 19 Update

We are open for emergency, essential and curbside service.
If you have a window emergency, work that is essential for safety and operation of your home or business, or would like to drop off a screen to be repaired then we can help you!

Here’s how it works:

– Call 616-275-4752 and tell us what work you need done.
– We will either schedule an appointment to look at your essential/emergency service or schedule a time for curbside service.
– Our team has been and will continue to practice social distancing and hygiene. We will greet you with a mask and a smile with sanitized hands and try to walk you through the process through this unusual time.
– We will continue to communicate with you remotely to the completion of your service.