What Are the Best Types of Casement Windows for Your Grand Rapids Home?

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What Are the Best Types of Casement Windows for Your Grand Rapids Home?

Would you like to improve your home’s ventilation, beef up your home’s security, and make your home look significantly better at the same time? Then you should think about having casement windows installed in your house the next time you need to do window installation.

Casement windows are some of the best West Michigan windows on the market today. They’ll provide you with all the benefits we just mentioned and more from the second you put them into place in your home.

There are lots of different types of casement windows you can install in your home, too. It would be worth learning about each type prior to picking out casement windows and going through the window replacement process.

Find out more about the best types of casement windows for your Grand Rapids home below.

Single-Frame Casement Windows

Of all the different types of casement windows on this list, single-frame casement windows are the most basic of the bunch. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Single-frame casement windows will have single panes of glass that have hinges on one side so that they can open out away from a home through the use of a crank. They’ll add a very modern look to a home while helping to bring more fresh air into it when they’re opened up wide.

Single-frame casement windows are also excellent choices for those who would like to enjoy unobstructed views from their homes. Since they only have one frame with one pane of glass in it, they aren’t going to get in the way at all when you’re taking a look out of your Grand Rapids house through one.

Outside of all this, single-frame casement windows will make your home more secure as well. They lock up tightly and will be just about impossible to open from the outside.

Double-Frame Casement Windows

While single-frame casement windows will only have a single frame with a single pane of glass in them, double-frame casement windows will be made up of two frames with two panes of glass. They’ll sit right next to each other with hinges on the outside of them.

Because they have two frames, these types of casement windows tend to be much wider than single-frame ones. This will enable them to bring in more natural light and ventilate your home even more effectively than single-frame casement windows will.

If you decide to install double-frame casement windows in your home, your view will be a little more obstructed than it would be with single-frame casement windows. But since double-frame casement windows will be wider than single-frame ones, they will still provide you with fantastic views at all times.

Push-Out Casement Windows

When you want to open or close most types of casement windows, you’ll need to use a crank to do it. It can make opening and closing windows a little more difficult than usual.

Push-out casement windows will help you get around this problem. Rather than having to use a crank to open and close push-out casement windows, you’ll be able to simply push a window sash out away from your home.

This makes push-out casement windows very easy to use. At the same time, these types of casement windows still have sturdy locks on them that you can use to keep your home secure.

In-Swing Casement Windows

Generally speaking, almost all of the different types of casement windows will open up away from your home when you open them. But as their name suggests, in-swing casement windows will operate a little differently. They’ll actually open up into your home instead of away from it.

Some homeowners will choose these types of casement windows when they don’t have enough room to open windows away from their homes. If, for example, you have a patio or balcony right outside a window, you might not want to have casement windows that open up outwards and take up space on it.

You will need to make sure you have enough space inside your home for in-swing casement windows. But as long as you can swing them open in that regard, you’ll like the way these windows operate.

Out-Swing Casement Windows

Out-swing casement windows might look a lot like other types of casement windows in that they will open up away from your home. But they often have handles on the interiors of them that will result in you opening them up differently than you would open other casement windows.

They’re a good option for those who like the design of in-swing casement windows but don’t have enough room inside their houses for them. You’ll love how simple it is to open and close these types of casement windows.

Double French Casement Windows

Just about all the different types of casement windows are going to add a touch of class and elegance to your home. But double French casement windows will take this to the next level.

These types of casement windows look a whole lot like French doors do. Outside of the fact that they’re smaller than French doors, they have a similar feel to them and operate in the same way.

If your home has a very sophisticated interior design, you might find that double French casement windows will work well in it. It’s one more good option for you to consider.

Which of These Types of Casement Windows Would You Like?

As you can see, there isn’t any shortage of options when it comes to the different types of casement windows. You’re free to choose any type that you would like for your home.

Michigan Screen & Window Repair can provide you with most types of casement windows when you rely on us to perform window installation. We can also set you up with window repair services in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and many of the surrounding areas.

Contact us now to start shopping for new windows for your home.

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