The 6 Unbeatable Benefits of Insulated Glass Windows

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The 6 Unbeatable Benefits of Insulated Glass Windows

Last year, more than 1,300 homeowners received funding to weatherize their homes and keep the cold air outside.

There isn’t a place in Michigan that doesn’t see its fair share of bitterly cold days and storms. 

If you’re working on home projects, you should consider installing insulating glass windows. 

Keep reading to discover the most significant benefits of insulated glass windows so you can make a practical choice for your home! 

1. Increased Security

Additional protection is one of the best reasons to consider insulated glass windows.

Whether you’re in a well-lit neighborhood or the city, you want to ensure your family is protected. The additional panes add protection since it makes your windows more durable and thick. Instead of having the manufacturer windows in your home, you can trust that intruders won’t break in quietly. 

Simply replacing your windows can enhance security since it covers weak spots around the frame. Airtight windows are much more difficult to damage than ones that have vulnerabilities. Aside from intruders, window glass insulation can prevent severe weather from breaking them too! 

2. They Look Great

If you’re trying to improve the appearance of your home, sometimes the windows are the best place to start.

Old and damaged windows can become an eyesore, even after making attempts to repair them. No matter how much painting or decorating you do, warped windows and frames can give your home a bad look. By viewing our portfolio, you can view the diverse windows that will match your aesthetics. 

Insulated glass windows are great for sunrooms and porches. Having the increased glass can keep harmful UV rays out while still letting you work on your suntan. You can install insulated windows to make the most of your views from the inside and out. 

3. Retain Indoor Temperatures 

Have you noticed significant changes in your utility bills recently?

Old windows can become a financial risk since they can let in the cold air from outside or heat your home in the summer. If you want to retain temps in your home and only pay for the energy you need, you must upgrade your windows. 

Walk around your home and take a close look at the interior and exterior of your windows. Although you might not have a large hole in the glass, cracks and damage can still let in the air. Drafts can be difficult to identify, so always pay attention to your bills and thermostat.

Insulated windows are great for maintaining temps since they consist of several layers of glass. Whether you’re in the heat of summer or dealing with winter temps in February, you’ll be thankful for the investment. 

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

More than 70% of homes in the United States are focused on reducing their carbon footprints. 

If your family is striving to be more eco-friendly, you need insulated windows. Leaks and heat entering your home through windows can make your HVAC unit work on overdrive. The thicker glass can reduce your energy bills and use since it won’t have to fight extreme conditions from outside. 

You can save a significant amount of energy by insulating your windows and helping the environment. This is a wonderful benefit since most people are used to running either their conditioner or heater year-round. 

Another way that insulated windows can help you go green is that you won’t have to use as many lights. Instead of turning on lights, you’ll have windows that will prevent you from overheating, while still getting natural light. 

5. Keep Loud Noises Out 

If you live in Kalamazoo or Lansing, loud nights of tailgating and parties aren’t uncommon. 

Living in a college town comes with many benefits, but sleeping isn’t always one of them. If you want to help keep loud noises from college kids, construction, or freeways away, insulated glass can help. Insulated windows are often used for noise-canceling rooms since they are thick and absorb most of the vibrations. 

Noise reduction is often overlooked when comparing options, but if you select the cheapest choice, there is a difference. Thin glass and air holes could be letting in noises from outside that keep you up all night. You’ll have the chance to relax and appreciate the quiet with the new windows. 

6. Prevent Moisture

Being so close to the Great Lakes and many other smaller ones puts many homeowners at risk for water damage.

Wet conditions and changing weather in Michigan can pose a risk of developing mold and mildew. When moisture can enter your home through the windows, you must take action immediately.

Walk around your home during stores to look for small puddles and accumulating water. You should also check your windows in the spring when the ice and snow melt. This is often the best time to check for moisture since the ice can cause or increase damage. 

Insulated Glass Windows are Worth the Investment 

Michiganders deal with many types of weather and can experience all four seasons within the same day.

Investing in insulated glass windows can help you protect your family, keep drafts away, and save money. When you replace your windows with more durable ones, you don’t have to stress over every wind storm. Adding thicker glass to your home will keep intruders out and prevent your energy bills from fluctuating.

By talking to a Michigan Screen & Window Repair team member, you can get a quote and start your project. 

Make sure you check out our service locations in Michigan so you can get help with home improvement projects and love your home!

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