Prepare Your Home for Window Installation Services in Grand Rapids, MI

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Prepare Your Home for Window Installation Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Last year, spending on home improvements rose by around 25%. With an average of just over three projects per household, one of the most popular was the replacement of windows. But if you are planning this popular renovation, how do you prepare? Replacing them is a big job so you do need to lay down some groundwork. Read on as we discuss how to set up for the arrival of window installation services.

1. Clean the Area Outside the Window

The window installation will leave a mess and dust around your home. However, this is not a reason to avoid cleaning beforehand. A little preparation can make it much easier for your window installation service to do its job.

Start by removing any obstacles from the outside area. These could include planters, lawn furniture, and garden toys. You should also remove any of these from walkways to facilitate access to the property.

If any trees or shrubbery are close by, consider cutting them back. When this is not possible, try to hold back any branches or stems temporarily with ties.

2. Remove Window Treatments and Decorations

The next task that will make your Michigan window installation much smoother is to take away anything on or around the window itself. Curtains and blinds should be fully removed, along with any fittings such as poles or brackets. Store them safely, well away from areas where they may get damaged.

Follow this by taking off wall decorations, such as pictures and light sconces. You may want to do this for the whole room, as vibrations and banging may cause them to fall and get damaged.

3. Clear the Inside of the Home

As well as wall coverings, you should also clear the inside of the window and home. Make sure a clear pathway to and from the window is created, keeping any damageable goods well out of harm’s way. Any plants, furniture, or ornaments from inside the window space should be moved to avoid accidents.

4. Turn Off Alarms

If any alarm systems are attached to your windows, then it is a good idea to turn them off. This needs to be done in advance, because the company may need to come out to the property to remove them. After the installation is complete, you will need them to come back to the property as soon as possible so you don’t go long without security.

Unfortunately, most window installation experts won’t have the experience to remove it for you. To avoid an unwanted call from the security company, allow for plenty of time and notice.

5. Decide What Needs to Be Covered

Speak with your Michigan window company on what protections and coverings they will bring along. Most will lay down dust covers, but you may want to go a little further to protect your home.

Drop cloths are an ideal way to prevent damage to your flooring, especially as boots and heavy items will be trodden through the house. Furniture and fittings may also need covering. Finally, don’t be afraid to go outside and protect any flowerbeds or plants with sheets.

6. Arrange Temporary Storage Space

In some instances, it may be better to fully remove furniture and belongings altogether. Clear space in the garage or other outbuildings and move items into them. If you have large-scale renovations taking place around the home, it may be worth paying for a low-cost storage container.

7. Arrange Alternative Accommodation

A window installation does not take a long time. However, it can be unsafe to remain on the property in certain circumstances. With ladders and heavy equipment around, pets and children should not be anywhere near the work area.

If you want to remain in the house, then clear yourself a room or area away from the renovations. This can be helpful if the company needs to ask you questions during work. However, try to make alternative arrangements for children and animals.

8. Conserve Energy

There is no real way to conserve heat or cool air loss during a window installation, as you are opening up a large space on your property. The fall and spring are the best times to get work done if you don’t want extreme conditions impacting the home. You can also turn off any heating or air conditioning as the work is taking place.

9. Set up a Staging Area

When your Michigan window company arrives, they will need a place to set up. This will be a place to keep equipment, park their trucks, and unload any products.

The most likely place will be at the front of your property, but this all depends on how access to your property is. Speak with the company and see what they will need before arranging the best solution.

10. Make the Home Accessible

If you don’t plan to be at home when work takes place, then you will need to arrange access. You may ask a friend or family member to turn up with the key or provide it to a neighbor who can let them into the property. Make sure you have the correct date, as you don’t want them to turn up with new windows and not be at home.

Michigan Window Installation Services

Now that you know how to prepare for the process, it’s time to find window installation services that are right for you. Always speak with a few vendors and get the best quote. The cheapest does not always guarantee the best quality.

Your first stop for a competitive quote should be Michigan Screen and Window Repair. We have a range of services, from glass repair to full replacements. Visit us here for a virtual quote and see what we can do for you.

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