7 Questions to Ask Before Having Your Window Repaired in Grand Rapids

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7 Questions to Ask Before Having Your Window Repaired in Grand Rapids

Were you aware that hiring a good window repair company is as simple as asking a few questions?

Many people have the misconception that getting a window repaired will break the bank. While window repairs can sometimes be expensive, it’s mostly because people don’t take the time to learn about companies before hiring them.

When learning about a company, asking a variety of questions will help you determine whether they’d be right for you. To save you some time, we’ll cover the main things to find out so you can prepare.

Here are 7 questions to ask before getting a window repair in Grand Rapids!

1. Will I Need a New Window?

One of the main things to find out when consulting with a window repair company is whether you’ll need a new window.

Unless your window is severely shattered, there’s a good chance you can get it repaired using a variety of methods. However, some things will force you to replace the window entirely, which may cost a lot of money.

Finding this out will ensure you can prepare for the expenses. If you’re forced to replace the window, you can use our window replacement services to get high-quality work at a reduced cost.

2. What’s Included in Your Services?

Aside from finding out whether you’ll replace the window, you should also ask about what the company includes in their services. For example, a company may offer window repairs but won’t replace a window.

If you end up finding a company that doesn’t offer the services you need, it’s best to look for another. Ensure that this is one of the first questions you ask so you can avoid wasting time with someone that can’t help you.

You’ll need a company that offers things like interior/exterior finishing and painting. Without them, you’ll end up having to cut things around the window and paint it yourself.

3. How Much Do You Charge?

After learning about the included services, find out how much they charge for window repairs. While a replacement window may cost more, you should expect to get more services from the company because of the work that goes into replacing one.

When you get an estimate from the company, you should search for other companies and see how much they charge. Comparing the rates will give you a better understanding of which companies you should avoid. However, keep in mind that spending more may be worth it if you’re getting better service.

4. When Can You Inspect My Windows?

Getting new windows can take a lot of time, so a window repair service must be willing to inspect your windows as quickly as possible. If you’re unable to get a company to look at your window within a day, avoid them and look for someone else.

Many window repair companies will send someone to look at your window within hours. This lets them figure out exactly what needs to be done to your window so you can get a quick price quote.

Ensure that the company gives you a written quote so you don’t end up getting charged more. They should be able to do this the same time they inspect your window.

5. Do You Offer Warranties?

If you need a window repair in Grand Rapids, you should find a service that offers warranties. A warranty is essentially a guarantee that you’ll get a repair or replacement within a certain period.

Warranties are crucial when getting window repairs because they prevent you from having to spend more money if something happens to your window.

However, many companies only offer warranties that cover damages from an installation error. This means that if you accidentally break your window, the damage wouldn’t be covered under the warranty, so you’d have to pay for it.

Like other things, find out exactly what’s covered under the warranty to avoid confusion later if the window breaks.

6. How Long Will the Process Take?

Whether you’re getting new windows or need a window repaired, you should know how long the process will take. This is something that many people overlook, but having a timeline will ensure you get exactly what you pay for.

If a company timely gets things done, you can ensure that they’ll provide good services. However, those that take too long to do something are best avoided, so reading online customer reviews will help you find out which ones are reliable.

7. Can I Have a Custom Design?

If you buy new windows, you can either get the same ones you had or buy entirely different shapes. Those that are looking to get unique windows should ask a window repair company if they offer those services.

When working with a small window repair shop, you most likely won’t be able to get custom designs. However, the companies that offer to finish and other services are more likely to offer custom designs, though you’ll end up paying much more.

Hire a Window Repair Service in Grand Rapids Today

After reading this article, you now know all the essential questions to ask before having your window repaired. Even if your windows aren’t damaged and you’d like new ones, asking these questions will ensure you find a company that offers the best services.

Those that live outside of Grand Rapids will need to search for a variety of companies to compare. After getting a good idea of how much the services cost in your area, you shouldn’t have a problem settling with a company that has everything you need.

If you live in the Grand Rapids area, contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you with window repairs!

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