5 Signs You Need New Window Screens

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5 Signs You Need New Window Screens

Did you know that window screens don’t last forever? Sorry to burst your bubble, but most things on your house will need replacing eventually. For window screens, that’s about every four years. 

Window screens serve a vital function; they allow you to open your windows and let fresh air in, without letting in flies, mosquitoes, and other unwelcome critters. 

But with a broken screen, you are either keeping your windows closed all the time, or you are letting insects in without realizing it. Either way, your house is becoming more uncomfortable.

Lucky for you, new window screens are affordable. Whether you just need one or two screens replaced, or want to rescreen the entire house, the job is quick and painless for a trained team.

Read on below to see the five warning signs that it’s time to make the call and get your screens replaced.

1. There are Visible Tears

The most obvious sign that you need window screen replacement is when you see visible holes or tears in your mesh screens. When a hole is present, your screen cannot serve its main purpose; to keep bugs out.

Holes often start out very small. But once a hole is made, it becomes easier and easier for it to grow, as more bugs will squeeze their way through and continue stretching the hole.

If you only have one or two holes to fix, and the screen frames are still in good shape, then all you need is mesh replacement. You can bring these individual screens into our shop for fast, easy mesh replacement, or have our crew come out to your home for onsite screen repairs

2. Screen Frames are Bent

Over time, removing window screens and replacing them while cleaning and performing home maintenance, you may notice window screen frames getting bent. 

These frames are usually made of fiberglass. They are thin and light, and can be easy to bend. The larger the window screen, the easier it is to bend on accident. 

Once bent, they can leave gaps between your screen frame and the windowpane. This gap can let bugs and even critters like lizards through. 

If you notice that a lot of your screen frames are bent, it might be a sign that you need stronger material. Aluminum frames are much sturdier than fiberglass and will retain their shape longer. Upgrading to aluminum frames is especially important for larger windows.

3. You Notice Bugs in the Home

Maybe you don’t notice any holes in your window screen mesh or any gaps in the frame. But you do notice more bugs getting into the home, such as flies, mosquitoes, or the infamous brown marmorated stink bug that plagues Michigan households.

There’s a good chance these insects are finding a way through one of your window screens. Over time, the mesh becomes weaker, and it becomes easier for bugs to begin wiggling their way through. 

Holes might not be visible, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Keep the bugs out by hiring window screen replacement services right away. 

4. You Have Pets

If you have pets at home, then there’s a good chance you are going to have a ripped mesh screen. Dog and cat claws are one of the biggest reasons homeowners experience holes in their mesh.

When pets get excited, it’s easy for them to try scratching their way out. And basic mesh screens are not designed to fight pet claws.

If you have pets at home, you might be interested in buying new window screens specifically designed to prevent pet damage. Our extra-tough, pet-resistant screens are much stronger and more durable than the standard screen with fiberglass mesh. 

Any windows that are low enough for your pets to reach should have pet-resistant screens. These are also great to have on screened doors. Doors are used frequently and are likely going to rip more often, especially if you have children at home that often push the door rather than the door handle. 

5. Higher Energy Bills

Lastly, if you are starting to notice higher energy bills, there’s a chance your window screens are past their useful lifespan. Window screens boost the energy efficiency of your home by blocking excess sunlight from entering the house. 

The mesh also helps to prevent allergens and dust from getting into the home. But as mesh weakens, more of this airborne debris makes it into your home and into your air vents, which can clog your filter and cause your systems to work harder than necessary.

While screens aren’t the most important factor when it comes to energy efficiency in the home, it certainly is a factor. And having them repaired or replaced is low-hanging fruit when trying to make your home more efficient. 

Hiring the Best in the West

Are you tired of dealing with those raggedy old screens that make your home look outdated? Want to stop all those stink bugs from getting in your home? Then it’s time to call your local West Michigan window screen repair team. 

Michigan Screen and Window Repair is the leading window screen repair and replacement company in West Michigan. Based out of Grand Rapids, we have serviced thousands of happy clients in the greater West Michigan area.

Our centrally located warehouse on 28th makes it easy for you to drop off individual screens needing repair. If you drop off three screens or less, your repair time will be less than 24 hours. 

We know how much abuse your screens take on each year, through heavy winter snow and the blazing summer heat. Whether you are up in Muskegon or down in Kalamazoo, no job is too big or too small for us.

And not only do we repair or replace window screens, but we can repair any window and glass issue you may be facing. And if you need to completely replace the windows on your entire home, our team can take care of this as well.

Don’t Wait to Get New Window Screens 

Having strong, durable, and functional window screens is important for a comfortable home, free of pests. When that early fall breeze rolls around, you should be able to open up those windows and let that fresh breeze fill your home.

If you are ready to get new window screens, you can contact us at Michigan Screen and Window for a virtual quote today. 

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