5 Signs You Might Be In Need of a Screen Door Repair

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5 Signs You Might Be In Need of a Screen Door Repair

In Grand Rapids, MI, there are over 1 million people living in the metropolitan area. 

For many of them, having a home with a screen door is something they expect. If your screen door is starting to show signs of wear and tear, screen door repair should be in your future. 

Screen door repair is important because you definitely want your screen door to work as intended. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, don’t worry, there’s a local company that can help you. Let’s see what you should be looking out for. 

1. Visible Damage To The Screen 

It is an unfortunate reality that screens will become damaged. One of the first signs you may notice is that the screen has missing gaps or breaks in it. This occurs often because of an impact or because of corrosion over a long period of time. 

A visual inspection of your screen from time and time will alert you to the possibility of this problem. If you notice areas that appear to be warping or rusting, the chances are good that you’ll be seeing damage soon. When this does happen, you may wonder, should I replace my screen door? 

The reality is, no, you don’t need to replace a screen door for the sole purpose that the screen has some damage in it. Screen door maintenance is enough to keep it working right and looking great. Even replacing the screen is often a cheaper alternative to getting a whole new door. 

2. Screen Is Peeling Away 

A common issue in screen doors is that the screen will begin to pull away from the edges of the door. This can occur for a large number of reasons, often due to a broad impact or excessive pushing against the screen. Over time adhesives and the door shape may also change, causing it. 

When you begin to notice that your screen isn’t connected to the door the correct way, you need to get it fixed right away. An opening like this can serve to allow in pests, annoying flies, and other insects. It can also compromise the integrity of the door if a pet should push against it for instance. 

Often the repair is as simple as replacing the screen, there’s no need to get a new door. If the damage is pervasive or if the frame of the door shows signs of warping, it may need a new door. But the technician repairing the door will be able to tell you better on this matter.  

3. The Wood Of the Door Frame Is Warping 

In areas of high moisture, like parts of Michigan, there is always the chance that wood will warp as it ages. This is often because moisture penetrates the exterior or general dampness seeps through over long periods of time. For screen doors, the big danger often comes from the door frame.

Unless you have an old screen door, it is most often made with a metal frame. The metal itself may not warp or rot, but if the door frame around it does it won’t matter. Over time this can cause the door to become warped as well, as weight is not distributed with evenness against it. 

If you’ve noticed your door is warping, there’s often no way to fix it, but you can replace it. Just like when you notice a window frame is causing problems, it can be a quick and easy fix if you hire the right people for the job. 

4. Rust Or Corrosion On The Door 

This is a common problem that is often seen near the corners of the screen door, where two pieces of metal meet. The reason for this is that two pieces meeting creates a weakened area. Moisture can invade, and if both pieces rub against each other paint will be removed. 

As with any metal, once the paint is rubbed off moisture can cause corrosion. You may start to see tiny polished-looking spots around the edges of your door, and then over time, those will turn to rust spots. Don’t hesitate, if you notice this happening, to get it repaired. 

If you’ve noticed it too late, you may need a new screen door. Even if so, you should check to see if the screen door damage is manageable. If it is, you could save money having it repaired, but if not, you won’t be out any time or effort in replacing it. 

5. The Door No Longer Closes Or Opens Easily 

It is a fact of life that houses will settle as they age, and this often puts undue strain on doors and windows. If your door always worked fine before, and now doesn’t open or shut well, the repair will be necessary. You don’t want to risk having a door that doesn’t work right. 

We count on our screen doors to keep the outside world where it belongs, out of our homes. If a door doesn’t shut the proper way, it can be easy to leave it open by accident. This can cause pets to escape, insects or animals to invade, or even a young child to get out. 

Often this kind of situation is easy to repair, though it can mean that the door itself is damaged. If the door has been shut too hard, or the wind has caught it in the wrong way, it could be warped. If that happens, the outside edges will rub when it shuts or opens, thus hampering normal function.

Screen Door Repair For You 

No matter what problem you’re having, if your screen door or even windows are not functioning properly, or are visibly damaged, we can help. Michigan Screen and Window Repair know rough the weather and elements can be on doors and windows, not to mention accidents. 

If you live in the Grand Rapids, MI area and need repair, or if you have any questions about the screen and window repair, contact Michigan Screen and Window Repair. We can get your screen door repair questions answered and your home fixed up. 

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